Download the brochure  Here.

Download the brochure Here.

The NCR P1230 and P1530 comprise NCR’s mainstream line of POS terminals for the hospitality industry.  They feature an open platform with a highly efficient Intel® Atom processor for greater performance, a bright 1024x768 LED color main display with a resistive or surface capacitive touch screen, low power consumption and a reliable, stylish design.  These mainstream POS terminals are engineered to withstand punishing operations, provide non-stop reliability and offer maximum uptime.

Serving customers faster
The NCR P1230 and P1530 POS terminals increase speed of service without sacrificing ease of use. Put their capabilities to work in your operation.

Increasing system stability
With their Intel embedded processors, the P1230 and P1530 offer product stability that far surpasses the short processor life spans of traditional consumer devices.

Installing systems anywhere
Our mainstream terminals can be used anywhere you need them – on countertops or mounted on a wall. They provide rugged enclosures, fanless configurations and solid-state technology that can withstand spills without disrupting service.

Connecting to everything
NCR offers several connectivity options, including four RJ12, three standard USB, one powered USB 12V-- and more.  Connect it directly to all of the devices you use to serve your customers.

Add displays to engage your customers
Our 2x20 and seven-inch widescreen customer displays enable your customers to view orders, enhancing their accuracy.  Display advertising, promotions and specials to capture your customers’ attention – and increase their spending.